Designed to lift the heaviest of loads, our mobile cranes are some of the most modern and range in weight up to 500 tonnes. They’re suitable for use on difficult terrain and in a plethora of sectors, including the likes of construction and wind energy.

130 - 500 TONNE

500 T

  • 84m main boom

  • Maximum tip height of 140+ meters

  • Maximum radius of 108m

  • Best in class duties

  • Extremely versatile

300 T

  • 80m main boom

  • 37m of hydraulic fixed fly

  • Best in class duties

  • Best in class duties with ballast 'as she travels' for taxi crane work

  • Boom head camera for extra safety

250 T

  • 70m main boom

  • Hydraulic fly jib and 4m stub jib

  • Two winches

  • Best in class duties

  • Extremely compact for capacity of crane

  • Best in class duties as taxi crane

130 T

  • 60m main boom

  • Hydraulic fly jib and stub jib

  • Two winches

  • Extremely versatile machine

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50 - 100 TONNE

5100, ac100 100T

  • ​51m main boom

  • Extremely good duties across the board

  • Great taxi crane

  • Neat set up area

  • 5 axle steer for tight set up areas

4100L 100T

  • 60m main boom

  • 4 axle machine

  • Extremely neat for tight set up areas

  • Great city crane avoids 5 axle restrictions

4080 80T

  • 50m main boom

  • Best in class duties

  • 4 axle machine

  • Hydraulic fly jib

  • Great taxi crane

GMK3050 50T

  • 40m main boom

  • Fly Jib

  • Best in class duties

  • Extremely neat set up area

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